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When it comes to taking your studying to the next level, having the right tools can make all the difference. Whether you need help organizing, prioritizing, or focusing – there are tools that can help ease some of the pain points.

To organize:
Todoist – Todoist is a task management app and to-do list that allows you to simplify your goals, tasks, and projects into actionable lists. One of Todoist’s coolest features is its ability to make your daily to-do list for you with its intelligent scheduling. For example, if you have an assignment due every week on Friday. You can schedule a recurring task or reminder – e.g. ‘Submit Assignment every Thursday.With Todoist, you can easily break down projects into manageable tasks, share and collaborate on lists with others, and visualize your progress and productivity.

Schooltraq – Schooltraq is an online academic planner for students. Schooltraq allows you to sort, organize, and plan all your homework and assignments and access them wherever you are, across all your devices.

Trello – Trello is an online organizational tool for task and project management. Based on the Kaban system, Trello allows you to visually break down large assignments into manageable tasks. Organize your tasks into lists or categories, assign due dates and members, and visualize your progress as you go.

To focus:
Focus Sounds – Freedom now offers coffee shop sounds from cities around the globe, including Berlin, New York, Stockholm, and London. We’re also excited to have recently added office and nature soundscapes – all available on your Freedom Dashboard.

Also, if you need a little help avoiding the pull of distracting sites – check out our free extensions Pause and Limit below. Pause helps prevent unintentional internet rabbit holes by asking you to briefly Pause before going to a sight. Limit allows you to set daily limits for distracting sites – so you can focus on what matters. – is an online tool that uses music’s ability to influence your mental state. Backed by research,’s AI music composer uses auditory rhythms that have been proven to help you focus, meditate, and sleep.

To help build habits:
Streaks – Streaks is an app that helps you form good habits by making sure you work on the things you want to improve every day. Every day you complete the task, your streak is extended. You can also easily track your statistics and progress to help you stay motivated. – Do you struggle to reach goals you set for yourself? could be just what you need. is an app that offers goal and habit tracking, but also the ability to hire one of their world-class coaches and connect with a community that is also trying to motivate themselves and achieve.

Habitica – Habitica is a free habit building productivity app that turns real life into a game. With in-game rewards and punishments and a social community to support you, Habitica helps you reach your goals and visualize your success.

Insight – Want help improving your digital habits? Try our free extension – Insight to learn more about how you’re spending your time online.

To collaborate (remotely): – Even at home, our environments can be noisy and distracting. Krisp is here to help improve the quality of your calls by muting background noise in any communication app. Whether it’s your dog or your classmate’s dog that can’t seem to stop barking at the mailman, Krisp turns off all the noise with a single button.

Zoom – By now I’m sure you’re more than familiar with Zoom, but now more than ever we need effective communication tools both for work and play. If you’re missing group studying or feel like you could use some help with accountability – ask a friend to a study session over Zoom. No need to talk – but just having someone virtually sitting across from you can help.

Mural – Somehow brainstorming and collaborating over a video call just doesn’t feel quite the same as a good old whiteboard or sticky note session. Luckily, that’s where Mural comes in. Mural is the digital collaborative workspace you’ve been looking for – need to sketch, sticky, plan, or brainstorm. Mural allows you to do this digitally with a team in real time.

Loom – Experiencing Zoom fatigue? Loom can help. Loom allows you to comment or say what you need to via video but with the convenience of a chat messenger. Remotely communicate effectively while also ensuring that you don’t spend your whole day in meetings with Loom.

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